Various forms. Several compositions. Infinite possibilities.


Ever since the company was founded in 1977, VIPI has the tradition of offering innovative and assured quality products to its customers. As one of the main manufacturers of materials and accessories for dental prosthesis, VIPI envisions itself as a supplier of CAD/CAM materials and systems.


The blocks of the VIPI BLOCK® line are made from a large variety of materials and are used for the manufacture of dental restorations. The blocks are supplied in different models and thicknesses and can be used in various CAM systems. This allows you to make adaptation of the material to your specific needs.


The high technology need not be oversized. The milling system VIPI MINI ultracompact offers efficiency and quality. In conjunction with a scanner and a PC, we can condense his laboratory to the dimensions of your desk.
VIPI BLOCK TRILUX® is an innovative material of high quality.

Clinical Cases

Immediate high aesthetic performance oral rehabilitation with CAD/CAM system VIPI BLOCK TRILUX®

By: Fábio Costa, Rony Rodrigues, Halim Nagem Filho and Jörg Erxleben


During the last decades the concern with aesthetics in oral rehabilitation increased. Patients demand on the aesthetic performance of the restoration and the time it takes to get the permanent prosthesis installed raised. Patients shouldn´t spend this time interrupting social activities because of a aesthetically unacceptable temporary restoration. The CAD/CAM systems have evolved enough to meet patient expectations in terms of time but, prosthetic materials still need to be corrected to meet the aesthetic needs. Read More

  • Zirconn

    VIPI BLOCK ZIRCONN is developed using the best raw materials available in the world, and under rigid quality control. This product is available in different geometrical

  • PMMA

    PMMA is a high quality material. This excellent product is composed of acrylic resins with OMC (Organically Modified Ceramics) nanotechnology…

  • Wax

    VIPI BLOCK WAX is a special high quality wax for milling, completely calcinable. This material allows the reduction in milling times and easy extraction. Ideal for casting and injection process.